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President's speech:

Over the past decade, should good refractory manufacturing Co., Ltd. tightly around China's refractories cause, to treasure the user equipment energy-saving mission, the use of high-quality raw materials, adhere to scientific research as the guide, for the development of the theme, construction of high-tech products to achieve company group in the overall development and economic sustained, rapid and coordinated development of target. As one of the refractory industry in China should be good company, under the care and support of our customers, the spirit of "people-oriented, honest and creditable, quality first" business philosophy, "pragmatic innovation, advance with the times to develop struggle across the development" of the spirit wholeheartedly for your service, for our good cooperation pours into the sincere love and hope.

- General Manager, Jiang Ping

Should the spirit of beauty: rely on science and technology, the first machine, to fight the market, seek development. Brand, good quality, high quality

Should the beauty culture: rigorous and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative

Beauty should target: the leading science and technology, independent innovation, strict management, to create first-class enterprise

The purpose of beauty should be: we in carry out the quality of the first principle, perseverance, and meticulous; we adhere to the customer first purpose, actually, a promise is a promise. We endeavour to develop brand bearing, Yongwangzhiqian.

General manager Jiang Ping with all the staff warmly welcome domestic and foreign customers and colleagues, and seek common development, create brilliant.

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