Hollow cenosphere

2015-10-30 12:59:46

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Hollow floating beads

  Cenosphere is a can float on the surface of fly ash hollow ball, a pale, thin wall and hollow fine particles, light weight, high strength wear-resistant surface, closed and smooth, small thermal conductivity, refractory degree high, insulation, stress and strain uniformity and other functions, is widely used in refractory and thermal insulation materials production and in the field of plastics, paint, paint, ink, ceramics, packaging materials, plastic floor, oil drilling and for enhancement of filling material. Can effectively improve the product performance or construction effect, and significantly reduce production costs.



The chemical composition of a floating beads,

















Two, the physical properties of cenosphere

Object theory


Object theory


High mobility spherical powder

The grain

53-500 μm


Gray white

Compressive strength

2500-5000 PSI

True density

0.7-1.1 g/cc

Mohs hardness


Bulk density 

0.38-0.43 g/cm3

Water content


Fire resistance

1600-1700 ℃

Melting point


Three, the characteristics of floating beads:

1. High refractoriness; the main chemical composition of the floating beads for silicon, aluminum oxide, because silica of high melting point centigrade 1725 degree and 3 oxidation 2 aluminium melting point for 2050 degrees Celsius, are high refractory material. Therefore, cenosphere has high refractoriness.

2. Bulk density and thermal insulation; the cenosphere is completely closed hollow ball, cavity for semi vacuum and thin wall, bulk density is light, extremely slow heat conduction insulation excellent.

3. High hardness, high strength; because of drift beads are formed in the high temperature silicon aluminum oxide, the Moh's hardness can reach 6-7, the pressure of 2500-5000PSI. Therefore, floating beads with very high strength.

4. Insulation nonconductive; both the resistance of the insulator is generally decrease with the increase of temperature, cenosphere, on the contrary, with increasing temperature resistance increases. This advantage is not available in other insulation materials. So it can be made of insulating material with excellent performance,

5. Good fluidity; floating beads, natural size for 50-500 micron spherical, without grinding and good fluidity can be filled in a lot of products.

Four, the use of floating beads:

1. Fireproof insulating materials, such as lightweight refractory brick, lightweight unburned brick, casting insulating riser, pipe insulation shell, fire insulation coatings, insulation paste, heat insulation composite powder, light thermal insulation resistant glass steel.

2 building materials; building decoration, high road paving, roofing waterproof insulation coating, road engineering, modified asphalt, etc..

3 oil industry; oil field cementing, pipeline anticorrosion insulation, floating device, oil well drilling mud, oil and gas transmission pipeline, etc..

The 4 insulating materials; plastic filler, high temperature and high pressure insulation activation,

5. Industrial coatings, paint, ink, adhesives, camouflage coatings, insulation paint, anticorrosive paint, paint, resistance to high temperature fireproof paint, interior and exterior wall coating, thermal insulation coating, floor paint, automobile putty, putty, etc..

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