Oil fracturing ceramic support

2015-10-29 16:49:13

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Ceramic stone oil fracturing support agent

Oil support agent also known as oil fracturing support agent, the main raw material is aluminum vanadium soil, with high density, good ball, corrosion resistance, high temperature, high pressure, while the cost can be better controlled, so the oil and gas fields. The practice has proved that the oil well can be increased by 30 - 50%, and can prolong the service life of oil and gas wells. It is the key material for the exploitation and construction of oil and gas, which can not only increase the output of oil and gas, but also prolong the service life of oil well.

One, production process:


1 broken bauxite mining; particle size is 300 500mm, containing a small amount of water. The general use of the two level system of the broken jaw crusher and hammer crusher composition, the grain size is less than or equal to 8mm.

2. Ingredients; bauxite, manganese powder, back material and so on several materials, are transported to the respective material library, the library set speed belt scales material to realize automatic batching metering.

3. Grinding; generally use the drying and grinding of ball mill, high-efficiency powder machine matching, closed-circuit system, increase grinding efficiency.

4. The ball; ball automation of machine, raw powder was sent to a small silo, bin set screw metering device or timing belt weighing device, the measurement of raw material. The raw material into the disc pelletizer. At the same time, the use of flow meter can measure the amount of water, by the pipe pump into the ball into the disc ball machine, the ball machine rotation process, can be made into a variety of particle size ball.

5 calcination; pellet ball into the rotary kiln with a certain angle, with the rotation of the rotary kiln, pellet ball to the kiln head rolling, and the coal powder from the kiln head into the kiln burning, pellet ball in rotary kiln is calcined into a high strength of ceramic sand.

6. Product cooling; ceramsite sand cooling general use rotary cooling machine, work is simple, reliable, secondary air cooling machine completely into the kiln, with the use of multi-channel burner can save a lot of energy. The temperature will be very low after the clay sand out of the cooling machine.

7 sieve the cooling machine of the ceramic sand, can be directly transported to the multi-stage vibrating screen, according to the requirements of multiple particle size.

High strength of 0.45 0.9mm (40 mesh and 20 mesh)

Type II 0.91.25mm (16 mesh - mesh) density high strength

Type III 1.01.70mm (12 mesh mesh density and high strength in - 18)

Type IV 0.2240.65mm (40 - 60 mesh) density high strength

Two, the performance requirements of oil support agent:

1 support agent to have enough compressive strength and anti wear ability, can withstand the strong pressure and friction when injected

Force, and effectively support artificial cracks.

2 the relative density of the support particles is low, so that the pump is easy to be pumped into the well.

The maximum allowable value of the 3 support particles under the condition of temperature is 200 degrees, the maximum allowable value of the fracturing fluid and the reservoir fluid is not the chemical acid solubility is less than 7%.


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