High alumina sink

2015-10-30 11:30:02

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High alumina sink

High aluminium sinking beads is between between the cenosphere fly ash with an irregular spherical particles, extracted from the fly ash, the color is dark gray, with good liquidity. Among the three oxidation two aluminum content can reach 38 to 42%, the bulk density is 0.48 - 0.52g/ml. Not only the high aluminum content, and low bulk density, excellent performance is generally longer than sinking beads.

Sinking beads on the price a lot cheaper than the floating beads, performance is close to that of cenosphere, save a lot of cost for our customers. Superior performance has been widely application in many fields, such as sintered brick, hollow brick, refractory, and insulation materials, refractory aggregate, castable, insulation board, thermal insulation mortar, oil well cementing and filler.

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