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2015-10-29 16:39:23

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Magnesium sand

Magnesia is divided into sintered magnesia, calcined magnesite, fused magnesite three categories. Magnesia is one of the most important raw material of refractory materials, used in the manufacture of various magnesia brick, magnesia brick, ramming material, mending material etc.. Is a major component of magnesia for magnesium oxide, impurities such as Cao, SiO2 and Fe2O3, at present in our country is mainly obtained from calcination of magnesite or fused magnesia.

One, the main physical and chemical indicators:







High purity magnesia







Intermediate magnesia







Second, sintered magnesia; mainly from magnesite, brucite mine or extracted from seawater magnesium hydroxide by high temperature calcination and and hydration resistance ability. The so-called 1550-1600 calcined magnesite burned magnesia called sintered magnesia.

Three, fused magnesite; in magnesite as raw material by arc melting furnace to molten state cooling form called fused magnesia;

Fourth, light magnesia, magnesite in 750-1100 temperature calcined called "light burning", the product, called light burned magnesia powder, the light burning powder mainly manufacturing cementitious material, heat insulation and sound insulation of building materials, but also do a ceramic raw materials.

Five, use:

High purity magnesia is the natural selection of super magnesite ore flotation and purification by the light burning, fine grinding, ball pressure, super high temperature oil shaft kiln calcining. Is made of brick, refractory materials, high quality raw materials.

2. Intermediate magnesia is based on MgO content is 94% of light burned magnesium oxide as raw materials, through the pressure ball, high temperature vertical kiln calcining process. Products sintering degree good, dense crystal is production of intermediate magnesia refractory products of high quality raw materials, can also be used in the manufacture of various magnesia brick, magnesia brick, ramming material and fettling material etc..

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