Superfine silica powder

2015-10-30 11:34:43

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Silica powder (referred to as silica fume)


Silica powder is a kind of non-toxic, tasteless, non polluting inorganic non metallic materials. Because it has temperature resistance good, acid alkali corrosion resistance, poor thermal conductivity, high insulation, low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), chemical stability, high hardness excellent properties, is widely used in chemical, unshaped refractory material, thermal insulation mortar, electronics, integrated circuit (IC), electrical appliances, plastics, coating material, high grade paint, rubber, unsaturated polyester, defense and other fields.

 Chemical composition:








Mean value







Two, physical performance description:

1, silica powder: appearance is gray white powder, fire resistance >1600. Bulk density: 200~250 kg / m3.

2, wollastonite fineness: silica fume in fineness of less than 125 u m accounted for more than 80%, the average particle size in 18 - 150 u m, specific surface area: 20 ~ 28m2/g. Its fineness and specific surface area of about 3 ~ 5 times of cement, fly ash from 5 to 8 times.

3, particle morphology and the ore phase structure: silica fume in the formation process, due to phase transition in the process of the role of surface tension, forming a non crystalline phase amorphous spherical particles, and the surface is smooth, some are a plurality of spherical particles of aggregate stick together. It is a kind of volcanic ash material with high surface area and high activity. The material with silica fume, the tiny ball body can play the role of lubrication.

Three, role:

Silica fume can fill porosity of cement particles, and hydration products form gel, and oxidation of alkaline material magnesium react to form a gel. In the cement concrete, mortar and refractory materials, the amount of silica fume, can play the following role:

1, significantly improve the compressive, flexural, anti permeability, anti-corrosion, impact resistance and wear resistance.

2, with water and prevent the segregation, secrete water, greatly reduce the concrete pumping resistance effect.

3, significantly prolong the service life of concrete. Especially in the chloride salt pollution, sulfate attack, high humidity and other harsh ring

Under the environment, the durability of concrete is doubled or even several times.

4, a large margin of the injection of concrete and pouring material of floor dust, improve the single layer thickness.

5, is the essential ingredient of high strength concrete, has the C150 concrete engineering application.

6, with about 5 times the effect of cement, in ordinary concrete and low cement pouring material can reduce the cost.

7, effectively prevent the occurrence of concrete alkali aggregate reaction.

8, improve the density of cast refractory. In and Al2O3 coexist, are more likely to generate mullite, which

High temperature strength, heat shock resistance enhancement.

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