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Fire resistance principle

2015/11/18 view:

The fire protection mechanism can be summarized as the following five points:

(1) the fire paint itself has a non combustible or non combustible, so that the base material is not directly exposed to air, and the object is delayed and the burning rate is reduced;

(2) in addition to the fire retardant paint, it has a low thermal conductivity, and can delay the transfer of the flame temperature to the substrate;

(3) the fire retardant paint is decomposed into non combustible gas, which is diluted by the burning of the object being heated to decompose the combustible gas, so that it is not easy to burn or slow down the burning rate.

(4) fire retardant paint containing nitrogen thermal decomposition NO, NH3 group, and combination of organic free radical chain reaction, interrupt, reduce temperature.

(5) intumescent fire retardant paint thermal expansion foam, forming carbonaceous foam insulation enclosed protected objects, delay between the substrate and the heat transfer, will prevent the object from burning or caused by elevated temperature strength decreased.

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