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Development and application of heavy refractory brick in China

2015/11/18 view:

Introduction: heavy refractory insulation course of development: ceramic kiln the earliest with refractory to heavy brick, with the continuous improvement of the light heat insulation refractory materials, heavy brick basically in the building and sanitary ceramics tunnel kiln, rail kiln unless with special needs no longer in use. While in the furnace such as corrosion resistance, pigment frit kiln do

Development of heavy fire insulation:

Ceramic kilns in the earliest use of refractory materials to heavy brick, with the continuous improvement of light insulation refractory, heavy brick is basically in the construction of sanitary ceramics tunnel kiln, rail kiln, etc., unless there is a special need to use. While still using heavy refractory corrosion in the furnace such as do frit kiln, shuttle kiln, rotary kiln pigment etc.. The purpose is for the sake of good corrosion resistance, dregs. In particular, frit kiln materials are directly and refractory material contact, should careful selection of heavy refractory material, especially material, density and coefficient of thermal conductivity. The characteristics of this type of furnace are precisely the tunnel kiln and the rail kiln, in contrast, the general quality of refractory materials in the inner layer and the heavy refractory materials and heat preservation material in the middle layer.

The development of heavy refractory materials is developed along with the development of China's metallurgical industry, the first time to develop the development of the beginning of the last century fifty's, thanks to the former Soviet Union's support for China's iron and steel industry. The ninety great development in the last century second's, along with the reform and opening up and the market economy's prosperity, our country's iron and steel enterprise rapid development and other metallurgy's progress heavy fire material also got the rapid development. Ceramic kiln with heavy refractory materials similar to the glass industry, mainly in the acidic brick, neutral brick and some special type of brick, brick based on the basis of the main basis for the furnace temperature, atmosphere and molten material, acid and alkali, etc..

Heavy fire insulation brick has the following varieties:

1: (SiO2) acid brick brick, refractory clay brick (SiO2+Al2O3)

2 neutral brick: high alumina brick, chrome brick (Cr2O3+Al2O3, MgO, FeO)

3 basic bricks: magnesia brick, chrome magnesite, dolomite brick

4 special brick: spinel brick, zircon brick, zirconia brick, carbon brick, carborundum brick, brick and other.

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